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In request of Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, PMSSS sharing the information about Ocean State forecast and Fisheries forecast to the State Emergency Operation Center. This will help to give alert to the vulnerable population from State Emergency Operation Center during disasters / Emergencies.

[Request Letter from Department]

Weather, wind speed, Direction, wave height, Wave direction informations are disseminated through Local Cable TV channels(SKYSAT, Rainbow TV, MOON TV in Puducherry, ISS TV in Cuddalore, KL TV in Karaikal) & FM radios (BIG FM, Pondicherry) .


Ocean State Forecast is given through SMS by BSNL Network. BSNL Customers receives this message at free of cost.


PMSSS with the support of Catholic Relief Services [CRS] has partnership with All India Radio- Puducherry and broadcasts "Pudhu yugam Padaipom" program using this effective communication media. This concept was developed when the fishermen requested for the information on weather warning and wave conditions when they are in the sea. 
          The program is aired three times a day at 6.25 am, 12.05 pm and 7.25 pm at 1215khz , Medium Wave.The information on weather forecast, wave heights of the sea, Community Based Disaster Preparedness, Right to Information Act 2005, Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Child Trafficking and other community based valuable information are broadcasted three times a day. PMSSS has a well equipped studio for recording the information.



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