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PMSSS is perhaps the first NGO which has initiated steps to bring Information Technology to the tsunami affected villages. With the help of the Village Information Centres [VICs], people can be warned in advance of any imminent disaster. VICs have been established in all 20 target villages of Pondicherry, Karaikal and Cuddalore regions.


The VIC makes announcements through Public Address System thrice a day on the weather, wave heights, wind speed, Government Schemes and the daily market price. These informations are displayed on the display boards in each village, which act as a front line delivery system to the villagers.

  • Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Chennai provides weather forecast, depression and cyclone.
  • – Daily Weather forecast is being downloaded and updated thrice a day.
  • INCOIS – Hyderabad provides informations on Ocean State Forecast (Wave heights, wind speed, directions) and Potential Fish Finding Zones [PFZ].
  • Early Warning System
  • E-awareness
  • E-Literacy
  • E-Learning
  • E-Medicine
  • Legal Services
  • Computer Education
  • Training Programs etc.,

In the long run, E-governance will be introduced to tie up the 20 villages with the Collectorate and the other Government Departments for speedy communication and collection of required information for the rural community.



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